lcc-win: A Compiler system for windows
by Jacob Navia

based on the original screenplay of
Dave Hanson and Chris Fraser: A portable C compiler

Here you can download the lcc-win32 or the lcc-win64 C compiler system. The system is self contained: you do not need anything else to get started programming in C in the Win32 environment. You get

  1. Code generator (compiler, assembler, linker, resource compiler, librarian)
  2. Integrated development environment with editor, debugger, make file generation, resource editor, etc.
  3. User manual and technical documentation.

All the binaries and the associated header files etc, are contained in an auto-installable executable that will create all the needed directory structure.


This software is not freeware, it is copyrighted by Jacob Navia. It's free for non-commercial use, if you use it professionally you have to have to buy a licence.

Professional use is:

If you plan to use lcc-win in courses of programming in your University, contact us for special educational rates.

Contact us if you want a special adopted compiler system or if you plan to use it as a back end for a language implementation. It is used in several backends for languages like Eiffel, SQL and others.


What Description
lcc-win32 The compiler system, featuring compiler, linker, assembler, resource Editor and a lot of useful tools
Distribution including the 64 bit compiler. This is the most recent distribution. In the README file you will find the latest changes done. Updated April 15th 2016.
CCL project The C Containers library project. This project proposes a standard for containers and a sample implementations of them. This library is included with the distribution of lcc-win.
CCL documentation The whole documentation of the ccl project in html format
Windows API documentation A win32 hlp file for the Windows-API. A must have for any serious windows programming.
User Manual for lcc-win32. The system will not work correctly without this file. The online help, and the documentation of the whole system are necessary to use it. It will save you time, and help you avoid asking questions that are answered in the documentation. (around 8 MB)
C-Tutorial If you are new to C, then check this out! It will show you how to develop your first program, whether that's the famous "Hello World", a DLL or something entirely different. In PDF format; Acrobat Reader is required for viewing Updated April 15th 2016.
Bulgarian version A Bulgarian version of this web page translated by Albert Ward.
Advanced Programming with lcc-win32 lcc-win32 is a modern C compiler, that allows you to use features like operator overloading, containers, and many other features of a modern programming language. These features are explained here in detail, together with some applications like network programming. (around 600 KB)
C library documentation The documentation of the C library for users that do not want to execute any code in their machines but just want to have a look at the features of the C library. In chm format, needs a windows system to view it.

Logiciels/informatique started in 1991. Our company specializes in compilers and compiler related research and development. We have developed the lcc-win32 compiler since 1995, distributing it worldwide. We customize the compiler to suit the needs of companies that need an embedded compiler, or a JIT (Just In Time compiler), or companies that want to generate C and implement some other language on top of it.

For these or other applications do not hesitate to contact us at the indicated mail address.

editor: Jacob Navia, Logiciels/Informatique Address: 41 rue Maurice Ravel 93430 Villetaneuse France